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In His great love and mercy, God saved me.

How can I do less then serve Him for the rest of my days.

He has "given me the desire of my heart." The Lord has broken my heart for the outcast.

He has placed a fire in my soul to reach those born with physical, emotional, and education disabilities. Specifically, He has called me to reach those with no voice.

Either they were born without the ability to effectively communicate, or they were never given the chance to learn because they were born differently.


I am sent to reach these special people for Christ.

The Need In Liberia

Liberia is home to approximately 5 million precious souls. Around 20,000 of those are deaf. Countless others are either born with special needs or develop special needs due to illness, trauma, or poverty. For years, there has been very little available to the deaf in the education system and churches, so most families do not know what to do for their deaf loved ones.  For that reason, many deaf are uneducated or poorly educated. Most individuals with special needs have never been given the opportunity to learn. In recent years, Liberians in the education system have been seeking to add programs for the deaf and those with special needs, but there is still much work to be done. 


Education is needed, but what of their spiritual needs?  The deaf and those with special needs are born with a sin nature just like everyone else. They need the gospel just like everyone else.  They are included in the “all” who have sinned and the “all” God desires to come to repentance. (Rom. 3:23, Rom. 5:12, 2 Pt. 3:9 Is it possible to share the gospel with a child or adult who is without language? 

It is possible to share the gospel with those who are deaf, as well as those who have special needs or minimal language skills! In Matthew 15: 30-31, many with special needs were brought to Jesus and cast down at His feet.  He healed them all, and when the people saw the changed lives, they glorified God.  We can’t save anyone, but we can lead them to Jesus who can save them.  BUT someone must GO to them!  As their lives are transformed through the power of God, it will open doors of opportunity to witness to their families, friends, neighbors, and nation!

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Sending Church:

Faith Baptist Church

500 Lee Road

Taylors, SC  29687

Pastor: Dr. John Monroe

In Partnership With:

Silent Word Ministries Int'l

P.O. Box 889

Trenton, GA  30752

Phone: 706-657-8000
Video Phone: 706-956-0485

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